Welcome to Maker Mark, a living collection of the work of an audio addict, publisher of the Climactic Collective (climactic.fm), and founder of Here Media (a place-based audio agency). Tips, tricks, answers to listener questions, and a collection of audio by Mark Spencer, for Here Media and elsewhere.

Audio has ran throughout Mark's life, from his earliest memories. From books on tape, audio magazines via cassette, to AM talk radio - headphones were a constant companion. Digital audio through MP3+ formats on 'data CDs'  through a Sony Walkman (kids ask your parents) gave way to early 'webcasts' in the days just prior to the iPod. Podcasts have been a part of Mark's daily routine since they began in 2004. 

Tens of thousands of hours of podcast listening later - the dream of being a maker of some of these shows, being a friend in the earbuds of others, is now a reality. 

Mark is the proud founder and publisher of the Climactic Collective, an independent group of climate-engaged podcasts from Australia and NZ, learn more about the Climactic Collective in the two videos below:

Mark is also Customer Support and Success lead for enterprise podcast host Omny Studio. You can learn more about Omny, and hear Mark in 'presentation mode' below:

Mark is a keen collaborator, and sounding board for ideas. Please feel free to get in touch by leaving a voicemail, or dropping an email to heremediastudios@gmail.com.