July 1, 2021

Movespace Third Birthday Time Capsule

Movespace Third Birthday Time Capsule

It’s rare that we say happy birthday to a place.

There’s formal events and excuses for corporate parties of course, but it’s rare for the partygoers to observe, and celebrate, the birthday itself. To say, happy birthday, corporate office, or cafe, or train station - to celebrate the occasion of a milestone for a pile of bricks, wood, and plaster.

Movespace is easy to say happy birthday to though, because mostly, you’re saying happy birthday to a person. Kiran.

The founder and creator of the Movespace community, who caught lightning in a bottle. Or, in a two storey building, halfway down Dominion Road.

Three years ago, about this time back in 2018, two brothers had a space, and a dream, and they gave a creative co-working space a crack. What happened next is a winding road, and your narrator doesn’t know most of those stories, just the broadest of strokes. But, it’s hoped, going forward more of those stories are captured, so that those of you to whom Movespace means something can listen back, remember, and hopefully smile at fond memories.

What follows is the Movespace 3rd birthday time capsule.