Sept. 5, 2021

Update from Lockdown

Update from Lockdown

Updates from Lockdown.

With a focus on place-based stories, getting to reveal and engage with facets of community life, the extraordinary parts of normal life - Here Media is having a slumber of over Tāmaki Makaurau’s COVID outbreak. Instead of doing locally-engaged stories, Here’s one current member, me, is instead digging into production of three other projects.

One is a second season of an interview show, distributed on a major podcast publisher in Australia. It’s the ‘full stack’, with series development, guest booking, script development, on-call production (being present during recording, making edit notes, making recommendations to the hosts), and then edit/publishing.

Another is an audio adaptation of a weekly newsletter, This Week in Climate. This is a collaboration with the content team at a large job board for climate-engaged businesses. This involves a speedy turnaround of the pre-release newsletter, recording the script, editing the episode, and publishing within a couple hours of receiving the script.

And finally, the third project is a Supervising Producer-type role, giving cover and quality control to a podcaster developing their skills. This involves feedback, mixing and mastering of episodes, publishing, and promotion assistance of the show.

This year I also finished a project that I was involved in from inception, through development, recording and producing, and release. I was involved as Supervising Producer on that project. And that’s a role that isn’t to be found on a great initiative by the podcast community to standardise the roles of podcast production (and help it develop, through greater clarity on roles, and pay).

Speaking of pay, I was paid as the Supervising Producer, basically a consultant, on the completed series.

I am being paid as the Supervising Producer on the current project. I am doing the audio newsletter adaptation pro bono, as I’m getting personal development value from it, and it’s value to the site is currently speculative. And, as the full-stack producer on the second season of the podcast with the major network, I am doing the first few episodes pro bono, for personal development, but then negotiating a rate for the balance of the series, based on resources, time and effort.

And there’s an update from Here Media, and Maker Mark.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a stable and reliable income from my main employment, which is symbiotic with these projects. To be able to work from, and record from home. My thoughts are with the parents doing homeschooling, and those counting pennies with closed workplaces and disrupted lives. My list of privileges is long. So if I can help answer your questions, or help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Reach me on, or send a voicemail from

Thanks for tuning into Maker Mark, from Here Media. Stay safe, check in on your neighbours, and be kind to yourself.

Kia kaha!

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